Why is it important to hire your Interior Designer as early as possible?

It's often overlooked by many clients, how important the Interiors are within a space - see my previous article on the important of Interior Design here. However, if you have understood how crucial our skill set is for your home, then you may be wondering when the best time is to get your designer involved. ASAP!

Architects are amazing creatives, that focus mainly on the build and design of your building, that's everything from the walls, the floor layouts, stairs and in some cases the outdoor areas too. What they don't always get around to specifying is the Interior aesthetics, where furniture will sit, how lighting will work around different elements and adding texture and colour to create the mood of the space. As much as they have a keen creative eye, it's not as important for them to consider where you favourite cabinet heirloom will sit, or how you lamp will work next to that reading chair you have your heart set on.

This is where Interior Design comes into the mix (enter stage left). Having your design involved when you're designing the structure of your space will allow for a number of benefits:

Outside the box opinions:

Having a fresh pair of eyes on your project, especially from someone with a creative eye can bring some ideas you or your architect didn't consider. Looking at a brief from a different perspective, or overseeing floor plans and considering the flow and lifestyle of the people within that space - offers a welcomed view and different suggestions. It could be the change from, "Mrs Homeowner, do you even use a pantry, why don't you make it into a wine store instead"... I can think of a number of people willing to make these changes for sure!

Lighting vs Furniture:

Now, I don't mean one or the other here. What I am suggesting is, when your designer is on board at those early stages they can begin planning your space with a furniture layout. This may lead on to the addition/ moving of roof lanterns, adding a feature window over the breakfast room or a space for an extraordinary chandelier over the stairs. These are all structural changes that can be made at this stage, and becomes an after thought when the building is erected and you walk in with your designer- to be faced with a look of doom that there isn't space allocated or opportunities taken to maximise the views of the garden for example.

Project Management

What a dream it would be, to have two sets of professionals in one space when you're explaining your brief. For you to leave them with your list of requirements, and carry on with your busy schedule. Either the Architect or the Interior Designer, can offer to project manage the build and fit of your project, allowing you to de-stress and enjoy the process. This collaboration between the two forces, allows a better synergy between creative ideas all whilst you sit back and avoid being the middle man/lady. Having too many channels of communication between contractors, architects and designers can be overwhelming, and unless it is something you really enjoy- my suggestion would be to invest in a project managed offering and enjoy the outcome of your two Internal and External creatives connecting!

Save Time!

More than ever before, supplies coming from Europe and the World are delayed. Brexit, Pandemic whatever the excuse is, its annoying! Once your building is up, you suddenly get an urge to get painted on the walls and furniture in. Going through the build phase can be really tedious and tiring, so to think you're only half way through can be disheartening. However, engaging with your designer early, locking down schemes and purchasing goods in advance can mean you're more than ready to fit out when you have the walls built. There is no waiting around for tradesmen, or delayed (hopefully) with that studded sofa from Milan. It's all on back order and in waiting.

So, whether you have started your renovations or still thinking about it. Remember, its not just the shell of the home that is crucial, it how you will live in it that will be the element that makes you fall in love and call that space your own.