2022 is predicted to showcase more biophillic interiors... "What is that?" I hear you say. Well, it takes eco friendly to the next level, by bringing in more of nature into our homes. With the pandemic, forcing people in their homes, seeking more outdoor space when purchasing real estate and questioning their city-life pads. Biophillic trends emerging seems obvious!

Biophilia literally means 'an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world'.

When we get closer to nature, we feel sense of calm, grounding and positive energy all around us. Whether we choose to go for a walk when stressed, planting more in our gardens for cleaner air or connecting with wildlife- as humans we greatly benefit from Nature and bringing it into our interiors is extremely beneficial.

So how can I introduce more Biophila into my Interiors?


Our circadian rhythm is vital in a healthy sleep pattern and regulating our natural body clock. Natural light within the home should be the most important goal you have for your space in Biophillic Design. Light can shower us with positive energy, make spaces feel more open and boosts our awareness.

Consider moving any obstructions in front of your windows, having sheers vs heavy curtains and arranging your space so that more of your seating is nearer the window, allowing you to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible when inside. I always love, keeping my desk near the window when working. Something about being able to stare outside and take a mental break, or focus your eyes away from the screen when in deep thought can be enlightening! Plus, I secretly enjoy people watching...


I wouldn't want to be predictable and say, paint your room green. But... its a great start! However, as a designer I would also suggest bringing in any of natures amazing colour ranges, sunsets or sea. Green is a statement colour of biophillic design and incorporating some accessories or making a nod through planting can have a positive impact on your heart rate. There's no reason you couldn't keep the room neutral, allow the natural light discussed above to take the lead, and bring in colour through planting and sustainable woods, your room doesn't need to be bright green to feel closer to nature.

Shape and Texture!

Which brings me nicely onto the next aspect to consider. Freeform, we are always so bombarded with geometry in design that we dismiss the natural forms some furniture can take. Albeit, its more tricky to source, but rounded, unusual, mother-natured shapes can be a welcome to the space when wanting to feel closer to the environment. As with eco design, it is always crucial to use sustainable materials and  FSC woods, these add texture, colour, interest and uniqueness into your room.

I recently had the pleasure to create an office design, where the brief requested somewhere for staff to feel relaxed, collaborative and inspired. I used the biophillic methods, to design a space which was finished with oak woods, soft green pallets and green walls. The luxury elements of glass and soft lighting balanced the space into the high end feel the client desired, but the feel overall created a zone of happiness for the staff. Many companies, are transforming their office spaces into break-out, open zones with biophillic elements to increase morale and wellbeing of their staff.

There are so many ways, big or small that you could use to make your space feel closer to nature. It doesn’t have to change your style completely, just using the elements of light, colour and textures carefully, could make your overall mindset change when indoors.