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Online Interior Design

What is Online Interior Design?

Online Interior Design is a fast and effective way to have your space professionally designed from the comfort of your home. With access to your designer via video chat, email and telephone, the costs to you are reduced, and the time for delivery is speedier than ever. After your virtual consultation, and upfront payment for your package, your designer will present you with an online digital concept board. Your sample pack will be sent in the post, and you can either choose to fit the design yourself with the help of a styling guide or upgrade your package to add project management to take all the hassle away.

Do you come out to visit?

Yes, if you wish to go down the Online route, but are unconfident with room measuring, you can add this bolt-on for a fee. Having one of our designers out to measure will reassure you everything will fit perfectly in your space. Our Full-Service Interior Design consultations take place on-site, and the project is handled in a more bespoke manner. This route has the added benefit of full designer input, measuring and management.

What does the personal shopping include?

With your digital concept, you will be given a shopping list of items, personal to your scheme. We have access to a selection of price ranges, suppliers and retailers who we source for you. If you decide to purchase your look, you will be given access to these suppliers, some of which are trade only ensuring you have something different to showcase in your home without having to leave the house.

What if I don’t like my design?

As part of professional Interior Design, is an understanding of your brief. During your consultation, your designer will ask you key questions to hone down the style, function and aspirations of your space. Therefore, we are confident you will be given a concept that overall suits your overall style goals. However, if there are aspects you wish to change, each package has 1 free iteration included, so you can chop and change the design to make it perfect.

Do you have people to fit the design out?

We have a range of contractors who we recommend to fit the design out, we can either manage them for you so they fit exactly the design we have created, or send them your way for you to manage yourself. If, however, you have your own contractors, we are equally happy to work with them on the fit-out too, all these are optional extras within your project management bolt-on.

Full-Service Interior Design

What is a Full-Service Interior Design?

We sometimes refer to this as the traditional approach to Interior Design, the one that you see on television. Your designer will come out on-site, take your brief and get to know your loves and loathes for your space. Getting to know you, face to face in the environment is an invaluable way for your designer to get to the best concept for you.

If you choose to go ahead, your consultation fee of £150 is taken off your final bill. From your consultation, after you have agreed on your design fee quote you will be visited again with physical concept boards, samples and plans of your space. This face to face meeting allows you to feedback, and change up anything you wish. Project management, contractor coordination and styling is all part of this full service. It is a great way to take the hassle away from design, and have a full bespoke service tailored to your space.

How much does it cost?

Our initial consultation on-site is £150, which is redeemed if you decide to go ahead. We are happy to have a free virtual meeting first, to see if the rapport with your designer and offering of service is exactly what you’re looking for. Prices for design fee and project management are estimated in advance on a time-cost basis, and you will be notified in advance of any additional fees or charges to avoid any surprise bills. All projects can vary, so once your consultation is complete, we will be in a better place to advise of the costs involved. It is always helpful if you have a budget in mind too, and we can do our best to work towards that.

Do you take on commercial projects?

Yes, commercial, residential and healthcare are all part of our operation, so if you have a project in mind or just a query to find out if we can help, get in touch today.

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