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It’s that time again! The smell of pine cones, glittering ornaments, parsnips and the memories of getting loved ones together to share gifts, food and time. Christmas may not be a celebration for all but sharing a meal with friends and family for celebrations or festivals is a common scene we all appreciate. So, how can we make sure the dining room decor is keeping up with the delicious feast? Not just the crystal glasses and wow centrepieces but the colours we incorporate can help set the mood further or even encourage the appetite of guests! In this guide, I will go into details around colours, and how different types of schemes can help evoke various feelings when you’re entertaining. Working with your existing interior scheme is a great way to start, start by considering which style would merge well into what you already have, will not only reduce the stress but keep the costs down too. So cosy down, grab a mince pie and enjoy this festive guide.

Classic Christmas Elegance: Traditional Red and Green Palette

The typical colours associated with Christmas are the classic red and green, some may think quite retro but for most it brings nostalgia and charm to the season. Said to have derived from Roman times, when holly trees and berries were used to decorate homes during the Christmas season, these two bold colours have given us a pass to be adventurous with schemes, during this period . For me, it brings a strong “Home Alone” movie feel, the festive look you grew up seeing. Traditionally, gold is paired alongside the two punchy colours, or glittery white or silver. However, if you want a little more sophistication and elegance, opt for tartan printed bows and table linen. Green tableware, gold cutlery and red napkins can balance the bold colours, bringing in patterns to incorporate and make sense of the whole look.

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Winter Wonderland: Enchanting Blue and Silver Tones

For a more frosty feeling, and one that may suit interiors that have chrome already in the space a winter wonderland scheme would work great. This also would be dreamy for those households, blasting Frozen’s “Let It Go” as soon as the temperature drops below 10 degrees. Using your existing furniture elements, like chrome side tables, lights and vases as part of the schemes, add in soft powder blue into table linens, and napkins. White crockery or china, which is more readily available in the house, with clear glass can help create this look with ease and without too much extra investment. There is so much in the way of Christmas decor, such as white trees, silver lanterns and candles to create softness to the room, and avoid it feeling cold and uninviting. 


This scheme brings in the beauty of fresh winter landscapes, frosty scenes and icy waters. Typically blue can be classed as a cold colour, especially when it’s the lighter paler tones but don't let that discourage you because it evokes feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity, and in true form of bringing the outside in embrace the winter inside your dining decor for a stunning winter wonderland. 

Luxurious and Glamorous: Gold and Jewel Tones

Now, if you like the traditional feel of red and green, but want a way to elevate it, the consider bringing in the opulence of jewel- tones such as those of emerald, sapphires and amethysts to give a royal spin on your dining setting. Something about this, shouts the Three Kings, with their delivery of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

It may seem a little financially far fetched to add these jewels into the table setting , but my advice would be through candles, votives and even baubles. Adding a long wreath down the centre of the table, for any of the schemes we discuss and attaching baubles in the colours you’re championing not only adds colour, but is a beautiful statement piece for your guests to enjoy. 

Often associated with luxury, wealth and royalty, deep jewelled tones can be added to most interior schemes, due to their ability to compliment most other colours you may already have in your room. By adding gold, whether that be cutlery, lanterns or the edging of your china plates creates a really glamorous table setting. 

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Rustic Festive Charm: Warm Earthy Tones and Natural Elements

Scandi inspired christmas decor is becoming more and more of a popular choice for many. Perhaps its the simplicity, the versatility in being able to add the rustic charm into most interior schemes, or the fact the little ornaments you get are extremely cute! By embracing the natural elements, you are able to forage outdoors for a lot of your table decor. Perhaps, using fir cones as name placement holders, or wrapping your napkins with foliage. 

Using the outdoors as inspiration, add in warmth through burnt oranges, browns and deep greens for a truly cosy feel. Some may opt for twig trees with subtle fairy lights, and since they're battery powered, can create stunning centrepieces, when grouped together. Consider, faux fur rugs to drape over the seating, lanterns on the floor and lighting scented candles. Most metallic finishes can be added into a scheme like this, depending on your taste but using more wooden accents and natural textures will be the moment this space starts to feel more rustic and charming. 

Modern Festivity: White and Metallic Accents

If keeping it clean, simple and understated is more your style, then perhaps the modern spin is right up your street. Using white as the backdrop, from trees to table lines and layering with silver, gold, rose or a mixed metal theme of all three for a truly contemporary scheme. Soft fairy, or large bulb lighting can help soften this look, to avoid it looking harsh but the modern look allows space for minimalism and is a cost effective approach to decorating your space. Scaling ornaments and decorative features, mixing in large with small can create impact, and adding in pattern and texture to layer the minimalist look.  

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Festive Neutrals: Embracing Warm Beiges and Soft Pastels

Beige, unsure if this is a Kardashian/Jenner effect but all of a sudden Beige reinvented itself from something people dare not say, to something fashion and Interiors can’t get enough of. Bring your festive dining space into 2023/2024 with style, and bring on the beige! For all my colour loves out there, this may be a paragraph you want to skip, but for those who are enjoying the simple, toned down features of this trend you may want to take a look into it. Beige accessories are a little tricky to find, so opt for beige table lines, candles and perhaps chair covers to tones the space down. Then to avoid, a room feeling like you’re sitting in a hash brown, consider layering with pastels like blush, mint or lavender which are easier to source through tinsel, baubles and ornaments. This will allow the dining space to feel incredibly on trend, but still festive for the time of year. 

Whimsical Festive Fun: Rainbow and Bright Colors

For my colour lovers, here you go! Get it all out!! The rainbow is your oyster, and at this point there’s no colour theory its more balancing the amount of each colour you use for a cohesive theme. Maximalism design can take charge here, scaling size of ornaments, using a variety of texture and pattern for a overwhelming wondrous room. Or, using colours in a more sparingly way for a simpler look to the space. Glitter, faux fur tinsel and velvets in bright colours, which are all tonally similar. By this, I mean it’s a little more tricky to mix pastels with vibrant tones correctly, unless you’re confident in your style, so if you are a little nervous about bringing the rainbow in- just ensure all the colours are on the same scale as bright whether thats neon, bright or pastel, ensure all colours follow the same family trait and enjoy!

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I don’t know about you, but I am truly inspired to get my dining space ready for the festive week ahead. With so many trends you can follow, if you are a little overwhelmed and confused, my top tip would be to work with the colours you already have in the space, and work with the theme to create a more seamless festive feel. Colour schemes as we have seen can create so many different types of experiences in the space, some relaxing and calm, others fun and exciting. Enjoy creating a room you can’t wait to entertain in, using things you already have around the house, outdoors to save on the pennies and just focus on what this festive period is about, friends and family being together and sharing joy. 


Merry Chrstmas and Happy New year all