How to style your bed like a pro!

We asked, and you voted. So, here is it!!

Let’s be honest, getting into well-made bed at the end of the day is one of life’s simple joys. That, and finding fresh bread in the kitchen! So, how do we upgrade a nice duvet and pillows into the next level of luxury?


Select the colours you want to use in your bedroom, whether it’s an all-white scheme with mixes of textures, an array of pastels picking 1-2 main colours which complement each other or to go for a pattern clash or pop of colour. The colour scheme and textures are the starting point, as with any interior scheme. Look at throws with a different material to the sheets, perhaps woven? Do you want to add silk or wool as a contrast to the cotton sheets? Collect and organise your goodies, taking your time to decide on the look and feel you’re wanting to create.

Thread count

Thread count is the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric. There are a range of thread counts, and it should be clear that the higher the count, doesn’t always mean they’re better! The material is important, and the only time thread count should be considered is when we are looking at cotton, single ply weaves.  If you’re looking at Polyester sheets, Linen or even Silk the thread count can’t be compared to Cotton! For Cotton, you want the best balance between thread count, and quality of the yarn, so around 300-500, Confused? We were baffled too, so we went to and used this very useful chart to tell us more!!


The fun part of it all! You are armed with your colours, textures and thread counts!! So, to arrange them all. To show them off in the best way, we look to the word LAYERING!

For a minimal, contemporary look, we would stay away from bed skirts, but if it’s the more luxury or traditional style, then a plain or pleated valance is a great way to hide ugly bed legs, or storage under the bed.

Are you into ironing your sheets or skip that part? Well, a top tip I have found is when they come out the dryer, flatten and fold neatly straight away or lay them on the bed straight away to avoid mass wrinkles (although, don’t tell my Mother I said this, she’s a serious bedding press advocate!). When laying your fitted sheet, ensure all edges are tucked in tight around all the sides, pulling tightly around the mattress corners to avoid creases and it looking baggy.

Adding a flat sheet on top of the base sheet is optional, but if you want the complete hotel look, lay it over with the printed side (if so) facing down. Centre, and tuck the sheet under the mattress. Grabbing the corners, fold them into a triangle along the mattress, and then tuck those neatly in. Leave the flat sheet untucked at the top, and fold around 30-40cm.

Now, time for the Duvet. My personal favourite is a goose-down duvet, great all year-round! Lay this on, with the cover on obviously! Drape it evenly across all sides, fold it over at the top to expose your lovely flat sheet. Nice if the sheet is a different colour or pattern at this stage, just to make it stand out that little more.

Pillows, we suggest the more the better! However, this is a huge gripe for some, taking them off before bedtime. However, if you’re willing to invest this extra time in the morning with flat sheets and throws, what’s an extra pillow or two going to matter-right?.


  • Sleeping pillows propped up against the headboard
  • Square oversized pillow, which look great in silk cases to be sat up in front
  • Then the smaller rectangle, squares or bolsters all arranged in front as you see best for your personal style.

Throw on your blanket, throw or runner across the foot of the bed and voila! You’re, a bed dressing pro and ready to face your day with the joy of returning home to a hotel styled bedroom.

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