All about Terrazzo Trend

I have recently become slightly obsessed with terrazzo prints, whether its on home accessories, tiles or even my child's nursery furniture! I really feel there is too little PR given to this amazing print, and it's quite frustrating when you mention is to someone, and they look blankly back with no clue what you're talking about. So today, my mission is to educate and show off some of my favourite Terrazzo styles.

Terrazzo started in the 15th Century, when Italian workers would use left over Marble from jobs, combine with clay and lay a flat surface for a comfortable walking surface. In today's bid for a more eco-friendly way of life, this genius way of reusing waste materials should seriously be more popular!

My love of Terrazzo started about a year ago, when I noticed in Elle Decor a kitchen work surface covered in neutral stone, speckled with jewels of glass, marble and quartz. This not only made the kitchen, incredibly endearing but it created a texture which was both practical and functional within the kitchen space. When thinking of your space, it is important to add an element of depth, even if its minimal and clean lines you're going for. To avoid, clinical and cold adding a pattern, a different finish such as Wood or even experimenting with warm lighting can all contribute to depth and texture.

Bespoke Terrazzo Worktop featured in Diespeker

Although, Terrazzo is traditionally seen on hard surfaces like its orign dictates, the love for abstract geometric pattern is popping up on soft surfaces too! Almost, retro in it style Terrazzo almost appeared from nowhere, an 80s style that people were tearing out of homes and original features, only to have embraced it on items from stationary to cushions.

Some of my top items, I hope you will love just as much as I do!

Terrazzo Rug by Rug Society and Stone Wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper both giving elements of warmth with deep orange, blush pinks and soft neutral backgrounds.

Rose & Grey's take on Terrazzo using Pink as the main colour makes these style less harsh and perhaps more universal to all. If you prefer taking you Terrazzo style slower, consider Decorpad's glass lamp for a hint of fun.

Whether you're a fan or not, Terrazzo came into our lives with little warning, and looks likes it a style that will be a classic trend for a while.

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